Buying Additional Radar Signs

Summary: This option is being considered to solve issues with speeding. We currently have two solar radar signs on the west end of Nottingham that the City installed at no cost as part of a one to three year year pilot program.

If you drive by these radar signs and are under the speed limit, the sign will flash and say Thank You. If you are speeding, the sign will flash and display your speed.

Based on the data gathered by the City, our current radar signs average an 85% rate of compliance and do seem to have helped speeding in the areas where they've been installed.

The City has offered that if our Homeowners Association is willing to buy additional radar signs at the price of $3565 per sign, they will monitor and maintain them. It would be a one-time cost for each sign. We would need to have a written agreement with the City so nothing gets questioned or forgotten in the future.

Suggested locations for additional signs would include:
Southbound on Glenhaven as you enter Ravenwood South.
Westbound on Nottingham past Glenhaven on the downhill slope.
Norshire either Westbound or Eastbound near the Chelsea intersection.

Not all the signs would need to purchased at once. We could spread this out and purchase one sign per year.

Click here to visit the Tapco website for more details about these radar feedback signs.


As stated in the summary, the existing radar signs seem to have helped with speeding.

While these radar signs aren't cheap, it's a one time cost for each sign.


While it's only a one-time cost per sign, $3565 per radar sign isn't cheap. And it stings a little bit to have to buy additional radar signs when we got the first two for free.

But we need to remember that our free radar signs are only temporary. If these signs work, then they're probably worth the money.


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