Background Summary

As discussed in this year’s newsletter, we have built up enough of a balance in our bank account that the Board and Leadership Team is ready to make a major investment to improve our neighborhood.

On average (it varies from year to year) based on the number of neighbors who pay their annual dues and the amount of annual expenses we have, we clear around $6000 per year. We have built up a balance of around $40,000 in our bank account. We like to keep a safety net if there's ever an unexpected major expense, but the Board and Leadership Team have been exploring the best ways to spend some of that money on improving our neighborhood.

The Board and Leadership Team consists of the Board, your Block Captains and your Committee Chairs. Note that several people wear multiple hats, so this is around 10 of your neighbors who've invested the most time in improving the neighborhood.

There’s been an uptick in reports of speeding, mailboxes being opened, items being taken from porches and other various concerns, so we held a Special Neighborhood Meeting on Monday July 20th 2020 on the back deck of the Springfield Lake Boathouse to discuss four potential options. Around 50 neighbors attended this meeting.

We gave a quick discussion of the four options being considered and opened it up for feedback. By the end of the meeting, it appeared that two of these options had the most support, so the two options still being considered are installing security cameras at the entrances of our neighborhood that can record license plates and purchasing our own radar signs.

There are pros and cons to both options being considered and it’s unlikely we’ll get unanimous support for any option.

Before the Board and Leadership Team makes their final decision, they would like to gather more feedback from the entire neighborhood. It's possible that they will choose to act on one, both or neither of these proposals.


Click here to read a summary of the pros and cons of installing security cameras at the entrances that can record license plates.

Click here to read a summary of the pros and cons of purchasing our own radar signs.

Click here to provide your feedback.


A few notes regarding this feedback:

  • Only one feedback form will be allowed per household. If you and your spouse disagree, you'll need to rock/paper/scissors and decide who gets to send in their feedback 🙂
  • While everyone is allowed to provide their feedback, homeowners who are current on their 2020 HOA Dues will carry more weight. If you're not sure if you've paid your 2020 dues yet, send an email to and we can look it up for you.
  • The Board and Leadership team will read and carefully consider all feedback, but they reserve the right to choose whatever they think is in the best interest of the neighborhood having spent a lot of time researching these issues.
  • The deadline to provide feedback is Sunday August 30th.