How Your Dues Improve Your Neighborhood

You may not realize the amount of money it takes behind the scenes to keep our neighborhood running smoothly. Here's a summary of some of the expenses the Ravenwood South Homeowners Association Board pays with your annual dues.

Every year the Ravenwood South Homeowners Association pays over $1000 for an insurance policy. There is also periodic maintenance needed for repair of our bridges on Nottingham.

A year of mowing and leaf collection in our common areas can cost anywhere between three to five thousand dollars depending on the amount of rain and the length of the warm season.

Our Beautification Committee is working on adding flowers and color to our entrances and bridges to ensure Ravenwood South gives a good first impression to visitors and potential homeowners. They also are implementing a Yard Of The Month award to encourage people to take pride in their yard.

Our Social Committee plans events that bring all of us together. Let's connect so that we aren't just "wave as we drive by" neighbors.

Your dues also help pay for security cameras, radar signs, utilities for our common areas and allowed us to build and maintain this website so we can all be better informed and connected.

In addition to these ongoing annual expenditures, occasionally there will be larger expenses that come up and The Board will vote on using these funds to complete larger projects to improve our neighborhood such as maintenance on the brickwork for our bridges and entrances.

That's why we encourage and expect everyone to pay their $150 annual dues to the Ravenwood South Homeowners Association so that we can all pay our fair share in the maintenance of the common areas and continue to make improvements that welcome visitors and potential buyers to our neighborhood.

Sending Out Invoices For HOA Dues

After our annual full neighborhood meeting at the beginning of the year, we will distribute a newsletter that summarizes our annual meeting along with the invoice for your annual dues.

As we have other social events throughout the year where we distribute flyers we will also include invoices for anyone who hasn't paid yet.

If you have any other questions regarding paying your dues, please send an email to

Paying Your Dues By Check

Please make your $150 check payable to Ravenwood South HOA and mail it to:

Ravenwood South HOA
PO Box 14592
Springfield, MO 65814

Paying Your Dues Online

To pay your dues online with a credit card, please use this form.

Note: There is a $5 service fee for online dues payments.

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