Get Involved

Your Ravenwood South Homeowners Association Board handles the general business of keeping our neighborhood running smoothly. There's not a lot of activity and most issues that come up are discussed internally via email with the interested parties.

Whenever there is enough material to warrant a meeting, the Board will get together to discuss it. These Board Meetings will be announced on our Ravenwood South Facebook and Nextdoor pages. Any interested neighbors are always welcome to attend and provide their input.

There is also an annual meeting held at the Springfield Lake Boat House at the beginning of each year to discuss what's been going on in our neighborhood over the past year and see if anyone has any concerns that need to be addressed.

Ravenwood South Homeowners Association Board

Brian Ash - President -

[currently vacant] - Secretary - If you're interested please let us know

Karl Kime - Treasurer -

Board Members At Large

Christy Snelling -

Carrie Butler - 

For any general emails to the Board, please email

Block Captains

Block 1 - Christy Snelling -

Block 2 - [currently vacant] - Let us know if you're interested

Block 3 - Karl Kime -

Block 4 - Betty Carlton -

Block 5 - Matt Mawdsley -

Block 6 - Nelson Knapp -

Block 7 - Carrie Butler - 

Block 8 - Brian Ash -

Your Block Captains are responsible for keeping their section of the neighborhood informed by distributing newsletters in their area and passing along any concerns to the Board.