Get Connected

Ravenwood South Facebook Page

Click here to visit our Ravenwood South Facebook page.

Our Ravenwood South Facebook page is a closed group for the families that live in our neighborhood. By having a closed group, neighbors can communicate privately about lost dogs, suspicious activity, upcoming neighborhood events or anything else your neighbors will be interested in knowing about.

If you haven't joined already, please considering joining our Facebook group. You will be asked to provide your address so we can verify you live in Ravenwood South.

Our Facebook page is probably the quickest way to stay up to date with neighborhood activities.

Ravenwood South Nextdoor Page

Click here to visit our Ravenwood South Nextdoor page.

Nextdoor allows you to connect with your Ravenwood South neighbors as well as other neighborhoods. It can get a little overwhelming with the default settings of being connected to all the Springfield neighborhoods.

To limit yourself to just the Ravenwood South neighborhood or perhaps a few others close by (Spring Creek, etc.) adjust your settings by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your Ravenwood South Nextdoor page.
  2. Click here to Personalize Your List of Nearby Neighborhoods.
  3. From the list of the 40 neighborhoods, unfollow the neighborhoods you no longer want updates from.

While our Facebook page is still the best way to stay up to date with neighborhood activities, quite a few neighbors are also on Nextdoor and so it's probably a good idea to join both.